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Personalised Sessions Tailored to You

Bespoke Pilates where we get to know you and your body in order to custom-tailor each session to your individual needs. I am committed to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment where you can achieve your personal fitness and Pilates goals, regardless of your level of experience. Our individualised sessions are designed to meet your unique needs and objectives.


These sessions revolve around you, your body, and your goals, catering to:

  • Individuals seeking a personalised experience.

  • Newcomers who want to grasp the fundamentals before joining our semi-private sessions.

  • Those managing specific injuries or illnesses.

  • Clients with distinct sports-related goals, allowing focused training in their particular discipline.

  • Pre and postnatal clients.


Sessions include matwork or equipment-based, depending on your specific requirements. We offer flexibility in scheduling sessions to suit your convenience, whether it's during the daytime, evenings, or weekends.


Our fully equipped studio features a range of apparatus, including a Reformer, Tower/Half Cadillac, Barrels, and Stability Chair, all adaptable to both support and challenge you.

Whether you're looking to enhance your practice or need individualised attention for a particular injury, our private sessions are exclusively tailored to your needs.

To book a private session, please contact the studio at 07506 891025 or via email at

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