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Pilates Class on Reformers


Semi Private Classes offer the ability to learn, develop and deepen your Pilates practice in small groups.

Semi private sessions are restricted to 3 people to ensure you receive the best instruction and experience to maximise results.

Choose from Mat, Reformer or Tower.

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Pilates Exercise


Max 3 participants

50 minutes 

The Mat and Tower combo is a flowing series of exercises performed on a mat and utilising the Tower. With the support of the Tower and small equipment, you will develop fundamental strength, stability and tone, whilst receiving an energetic workout.

Our small group classes have a maximum of 3 participants enabling you to reap the benefits of Pilates due to the ability to offer more individualised adaptions and support than larger classes, ideal if you are new to Pilates, looking to develop your practice or have an injury or condition that requires more support. 

If current sessions are not at a convenient time/day, why not grab a friend or two and organise your own group at a time convenient to you.​​



Max 3 participants

50 minutes

Reformer Pilates promotes core strength, alignment, muscle strength without bulk and flexibility in the body. 

The Reformer itself has a gliding platform or ‘carriage’ attached by springs to the body of the Reformer. Exercises are performed lying, standing and sitting offering all the benefits of Pilates with the additional benefits of increased resistance and versatility for fast results. 


The need for precision and control whilst practising the technique and the ability to connect mind and body means we restrict our Reformer group classes to a maximum of 3 people to give you the attention you need to grasp the principles safely and effectively.

New to Pilates why not have a look at our matwork classes and or courses to learn the basics before transitioning to the Reformer. Alternatively why not book in for private sessions where you will be able to explore all equipment over a period of time?


3 week Reformer Introduction Courses are also available click here for more information and upcoming dates.


If current sessions are not at a convenient time/day, why not grab a friend or two and organise your own group at a time convenient to you.

Pilates Class
Pilates Reformer


Max 3 participants

50 minutes

Your workout will resemble Matwork with the benefit of springs but with more stability than the Reformer.


The various springs, pulleys and bars will strengthen, tone and stretch your entire body.



Individualised sessions are ideal for clients seeking a customised session tailored to their unique requirements.

These sessions revolve around you, your body, and your objectives, catering to:

  1. Individuals desiring personalised sessions.

  2. Newcomers seeking to grasp the fundamentals before joining our semi private sessions.

  3. Those managing specific injuries or illnesses.

  4. Clients with distinct sports-related goals, allowing focused training in their particular discipline.

  5. Pre and postnatal clients.

Private sessions can be either matwork or equipment-based, depending on your specific needs. You have the flexibility to schedule sessions at your convenience, be it during the daytime, evenings, or weekends. Our fully equipped studio offers a range of apparatus, including a Reformer, Tower/Half Cadillac, Barrels and Stability Chair, adaptable to both support and challenge you.

Whether you're aiming to elevate your practice or require individualised attention for a particular injury, our private sessions are tailored exclusively to you.

To reserve a private session, please reach out to the studio at 07506 891025 or via email at

Pilates Practice on a Reformer
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